Home Repairs

There are literally hundreds of reasons to uproot your life and travel full time but home repair and other types of property upkeep are one of the number one reason I have committed to a life on the road, in the air, or on the water. Some people choose to travel full time for the adventure, for the flexible life style, for the learning opportunities. These are all great reason to take off and enjoy a life of freedom, but not having to ever mow my own lawn or repair my own roof sounds like enough reason for me. Keep reading if you need some more convincing.

Have You Ever Shoveled a Driveway?

Growing up in the northeast, I found myself outside on many snowy mornings helping my mom or dad shovel the driveway. It was cold and icy but hard enough work to make you sweat inside your snow suit. There are short occasions where I miss the snow and the crisp cold of winter, but for the most part I love living in tropical weather. I know I can go visit my family anytime if I really want to spend some time in a winter wonderland during this time of year. However, without a home to own, there is no driveway to shovel.

Never Worry About Mowing Your Lawn or Watering Your Garden

Just because you do not own a lawn or a garden, does not mean that you can’t enjoy one of the many lawns and gardens around the world as you travel. The best way to enjoy a yard is if it is maintained by someone else. Think about booking a month at an Extended Stay America in a new location you are interested in checking out. These can be great options if you are looking to enjoy the amenities of having your own home without actually owning one. I have seen some really good deals and discounts for Extended Stay America, so make sure you look online before booking.

Never Fix a Broken Toilet Again

If you have ever had to play the role of plumber,electrician and interior designer, you know that being responsible for all of these tasks makes can make you feel quite overwhelmed. This is the beauty of traveling full time and giving up any ownership of property. Of course, there will be things that go wrong with the other places you may stay during your travels but if you plan it right you will always have someone to call that will take care of this kind of thing. Even something as small as a lightbulb that has gone out but is too high up to be replaced by someone standing on the ground. Oftentimes, the landlord or super of the building will come over with a ladder and help you change it. I have had both good and bad landlords but either way it beats having to fix everything in my own house by myself with my own money.

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