In today’s article, we would be talking about the role of a structural engineer when you have a foundation crack. One of the most common problems with a house is cracks in the foundation walls, it’s pretty natural to have slight cracks with a block foundation as the walls may be bowing or pushing or you may have a step crack. In this case, make your foundation is being examined by a structural engineer as they would be able assess the degree of the damage that may have been caused by the crack in the foundation as well as its source and at the same time proffer solutions to such.

The Role of a Structural Engineer in a Foundation Crack

  • A Written Report

A structural engineer will conduct a thorough inspection of the foundation cracks and the end of the exercise issue you a report. This report would detail all the distress noticed in the foundation which include the cracks. Apart from this, the report should also include observations about the soils, foundation walls, geology, general construction methods and materials used. From this, the structural engineer would deduce what must have led to the foundation cracks and thereafter proffer solutions to what might have caused the distress accordingly.

  • Repair Costs

After the assessment, the structural engineer would provide an estimate on what the repairs of the cracks in the foundation should cost. This is usually accompanied by a design-build proposal which you can take to your home remodeling contractor for the necessary foundation repairs to be affected. A crack in the foundation most times do not usually require lots of money to fix as these are a result of minor errors in the design and construction methods employed. If this is so you might want to ask why then do I need to employ the services of a structural engineer. It is important because it is only with the services of a structural engineer you can distinguish between what is a minor and major problem with foundation of a building at any given point in time.

  • Inspection Costs

A structural engineer would usually charge between $450 and $750 to inspect a foundation but for property inspections only the cost is usually lower. This is mostly dependent on the size of the house to be inspected as well as the area where the house is located. It is very rare to see a foundation repair contractor go through this type of detailed process before making recommendations and giving you what the repairs would cost.

Most of the time the problem isn’t with the foundation it’s normally with the soil conditions around the house and under the house in many cases the house may have been built on a marshy piece of land that may have a lot of fill which leave air pockets which then leave the possibility for a structural movement on top of it. At the end of the day, it is usually wise to seek the advice of a structural engineer to know what is best to do when you have a foundation repair works.

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