The Value of Construction Inspections

Structural elements include how the walls, roof, doors, floors, and foundation fit together seamlessly. The exterior evaluation portion of a home inspection could include the paint or stucco of the outer walls, grading, elevation, driveways, fences, drainage, landscaping, windows, fascia, trim and doors. Roof and attic inspections are also very important and include framing, what […]

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Secret to Foundation Preservation?

Foundation damage can be anything from an eye sore to a plague affecting the serviceability or integrity of the structure. The essential tip for a DIY foundation inspection is to keep your eyes open. The structure will tell you if it has any settlement or drainage issues. You will be looking for cracks; these cracks […]

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Foundation Problems? Most Aren’t Serious

There are simple truths about building materials and their behavior in construction that any honest and knowledgeable structural engineer knows and this is one of the keys to understand potential foundation problems. For instance, concrete hardens with time. As it hardens, it shrinks and thus cracking appears. Concrete tends to expand and contract with temperatures […]

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